Stephen Weinstein

Communication Theory and Technology Consulting

A brief personal bio

I am a communications engineer with 45 years experience in research, research management, professional activities, and industry applications. My expertise and interests include broadband access networks, optical/wireless integration, public access wireless LANs, physical-level data communication, networking technologies and protocols, and multimedia systems and applications. I invented the echo cancellation technique used in voiceband modems and pioneered use of the Fast Fourier Transform for DMT/OFDM modulation. The Eduard Rhein Foundation (Germany) presented its 2006 Basic Research Award to me for that early work on OFDM. During a period of employment at the American Express Company, I invented a smart card security mechanism. A colleague and I deployed a WiFi-based audio/video session multicasting and Internet access system for the IEEE NOMS 2000 conference in Honolulu that illustrated the potential for remote conference attendance and multimedia-enhanced conferences. My wife (Judith) and I were responsible for the early (July, 1993) connection of the Morris County, NJ library system to the Internet, preceded in the U.S. only by the Seattle library system.

More broadly, I am a technical consultant to major law firms and industry companies on patent litigation and research organization issues; a technical writer; and active in professional activities. I am a Life Fellow of the IEEE and was 2010-2012 Vice-Chair of the IEEE Awards Board and Chair of the Awards Policies and Procedures Committee of the Awards Board. Within the IEEE Communications Society, where I am currently Chair of the Communications History Committee, I was the Editor in Chief responsible for early development of IEEE Communications Magazine and later, as Director of Publications, for launching new journals including the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. I developed relationships with Sister Societies around the world during my 1996-97 term as President and in 2002-2003 represented the 50,000 members of the Society on the IEEE Board of Directors. I was founding Editor in Chief of the Journal of Communications and Networks (JCN) published by the Korean Institute of Communications Sciences with the technical cosponsorship of the IEEE Communications Society, and an Honorary Member of the Russian A.S. Popov Radio Engineering and Electronics Society. I negotiated co-sponsorship of China Communications Magazine by the China Institute of Communications and the IEEE Communications Society and was 2013-2015 chair of its Editorial Council (steering committee). I was a co-founder of the IEEE P1520 Working Group on Network Programming Interfaces. Active in many conferences, I was Program Chair for IEEE WCNC (Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, Atlanta, March 2004), co-Program Chair of the IEEE CAS/COM International Conference on Circuits and Systems for Communications (Shanghai, May 26-28, 2008) and Program Chair for the IEEE International Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas and Electronic Systems (IEEE COMCAS, Tel Aviv, Oct. 2013). I was a co-Program Chair for IEEE COMCAS 2015.

In 2002-2005 I taught several graduate-level EE courses at Columbia University, to both technical and non-technical (primarily School of Journalism) students, the last a new course on "Integrated Networking" describing the fundamental technologies and interworking of diverse wired and wireless networks. I collaborated with faculty colleagues at Columbia and other universities on preparation of NSF proposals. My light technical book, The Multimedia Internet, describing the range of networking, media compression, Internet services and streaming techniques required for adequate quality of service, was published by Springer in 2005. My co-authored ComSoc Guide to Passive Optical Networks, an introductory overview of passive optical networks technologies and standards, was published in 2012 by IEEE and Wiley. I am author of the introductory first chapter in the book Digital Transmission, to be published by Elsevier in 2016.

Selected Publications (from a total of 50)

1. "Data transmission by frequency division multiplexing using the discrete Fourier transform",
IEEE Trans. on Comm., vol. COM-19 #5, Oct. 1971 (with P.M. Ebert).

2. "Estimation of small probabilities by straight line extrapolation of the tail of a probability
distribution function", IEEE Trans. on Comm., Special Issue on Signal Processing for
Digital Commun., vol. COM-19 #6, part 1, Dec., 1971.

3. "Simultaneous two-way data transmission over a two-wire circuit", IEEE Trans. on Comm.,
vol. COM-21 #1, Feb., 1973 (with V.G. Koll).

4. "On the selection of a two-dimensional signal constellation in the presence of phase jitter
and Gaussian noise", Bell System Tech. Jour., July-Aug., 1973 (with G.J. Foschini and
R.D. Gitlin).

5. "Optimization of two-dimensional signal constellations in the presence of Gaussian noise",
IEEE Trans. on Comm., vol. COM-22 #1, Jan., 1974 (with G.J. Foschini and R.D. Gitlin).

6. "A first look at the application of signal extraction techniques to the analysis of body surface
potential maps", IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Eng., vol. BME-23 #3,May, 1976 (with E.
Fischmann, E. Matthews, and M. McNeel). A shorter version also appears in Advances
in Electrocardiology, Karger (Switzerland), 1978.

7. "A passband data-driven echo canceller for full-duplex transmission on two-wire circuits",
IEEE Trans. on Comm., vol. COM-25 #7, July, 1977.

8. "Fractionally-spaced equalization for data communications", Bell Syst. Tech. Jour., vol. 60
#3, March, 1981 (with R.D. Gitlin).

9. "The smart credit card: the answer to electronic shopping", IEEE SPECTRUM, Feb., 1984.

10. "Communication needs of the card industry", Proc. IEEE Globecom, reprinted in the July,
1984 issue of IEEE Comm. Magazine and in the Sept., 1984 issue of Telephone Engineer
and Manager.

11. "Personalized communications in the intelligent, wideband network", Proc. 1986 Zurich
Inter. Seminar on Digital Communications, April, 1986.

12. "The Internet multicast from the International Telecommunications Symposium in Rio de
Janeiro, IEEE Commun. Mag., Jan. 1995 (with L. de Moraes).

13. Efficient capacity allocation in Hybrid Fiber/coax networks?, Proc. IEEE Globecom
95, Singapore, November, 1995 (with A. Kolarov)

14. "Distributed object technology for networking", IEEE Communications Magazine, Oct.,
1998 (with M. Suzuki and J-P. Redlich).

15. "IP services creation in an intelligent router", Proc. First IEEE/Popov Workshop on Internet
Technologies and Services, Moscow, Oct. 25-28, 1999 (with J-P. Redlich).

16. "The wired/wireless, instant access, data and media networking trial at IEEE NOMS2000",
IEEE Communications Magazine, December, 2000 (with S. Ali, J-P. Redlich, and N. Simonovski).

17. "Public Access Mobility LAN: Extending the Wireless Internet into the LAN Environment",
IEEE Wireless Magazine, June, 2002 (with J. Li, N. Tu and J. Zhang).

18. "Multi-user wireless access to a digital cable system", Proc. IEEE WCNC 2004, March, 2004 (with J. Lechleider).

19. "History of OFDM", IEEE Communications Magazine, November, 2009.


Getting the Picture: A Guide to CATV and the New Electronic Media, IEEE Press, 1986.
(A light technical book touching also on programming and industry development.)

Data Communication Principles, co-authored with J.F. Hayes and R.D. Gitlin, Plenum, 1992.
(A comprehensive, 730-page textbook on physical-level data communications.)

The Multimedia Internet, Springer, 2005.
(A 300 page light technical book on the technologies supporting audio and visual media
over the Internet, reviewing communications networking and technologies, digital
compression of audio/video signals, and relevant Internet services and protocols.)

Passive Optical Networks Handbook: Enhancing the Last Mile Access , co-authored with Yuanqiu Luo and Ting Wang,
published by IEEE Press and Wiley, 2012.
(A short (150 page) light technical book on the technologies, standards, and applications
of passive optical networks, which are an economical approach to provide very high speed
access services to both residences and businesses.)

Selected Patents (from a total of 12)

1. U.S. Patent #4,131,767, Dec. 26, 1978. "Independent echo cancellation for two-way data
communication on a two-wire channel". (Interleaved symbol-interval cancelers, embodied in
international standards for voiceband modems.)

2. U.S. Patent #4,453,074, June 5, 1984. "Protection system for intelligent cards".
(Protection against forgery of integrated circuit "smart cards" through software mechanism
exploiting authentication property of public-key encryption.)

3 . U.S. Patent #6,035,020, Mar. 7, 2000: "System for data traffic bypass of telephone
switches", with J. Miyahara. (A system supporting legacy dialup modems in which data signals are passed directly to a data
network instead of passing through a bandwidth-constrained voice switch.)

4. U.S. Patent #7,369,526, May 6, 2008: "Flexible transport system including support for
bilateral user access", with J. Lechleider.
(A MIMO technique for Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP), non-interfering communication
between a multiplicity of base stations and a multiplicity of users.)

Educational Background

M.I.T. BS 1960 (EE)
University of Michigan MS 1962 (EE)
Univ. of California (Berkeley) PhD 1966 (EE)

Post-PhD Employment History

Jan., 1967 to March, 1968: Post-doctoral intern, Philips Research Labs, Eindhoven, Netherlands

May, 1968 to May, 1979: Member of Technical Staff, Advanced Data Department, Bell Laboratories,
Holmdel, New Jersey

May, 1979 to Aug., 1984: Vice President, Technology Strategy, American Express Company, New York, N.Y.

Sept. 1984 to Dec. 1993: Department Head (CPE Systems Research, Systems Integration Research,
Multimedia Communications Research), Bellcore (now Telcordia), Morristown, New Jersey

Jan. 1994 to Sept. 2001: Fellow and Manager, Communications Technology Research, NEC C&C Research
Laboratories, Princeton, New Jersey

Jan. 2002-present: Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University.

May, 2002-July, 2010: Communication Theory and Technology Consulting LLC (a personal
corporation registered in New Jersey)

August, 2010 to present: Communication Theory and Technology Consulting (a personal

Personal Interests

Travel, music, photography, reading prose and poetry, languages (Russian, Spanish, Japanese)