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image Forty-five years of experience in the communications industry, principally with Bell Labs, Bellcore, and NEC, plus teaching experience at Columbia and other universities and in short courses for both specialist and nonspecialist audiences. Consultant to major law firms and communications industry companies on patent litigation and other issues. Broad expertise in wired and wireless physical communications, multimedia and mobility services, and communications systems evolution. IEEE Fellow, 1996-97 President of the IEEE Communications Society, 2002-2003 member of the IEEE Board of Directors, Vice Chair of the IEEE Awards Board 2010-1012, and experienced organizer of publications and technical meetings. Author of Getting the Picture: A guide to CATV and the New Electronic Media, IEEE Press, 1984 and of The Multimedia Internet (Springer, 2005). Co-author of Data Communication Principles, Plenum Publishers, 1992, and the ComSoc Guide to Passive Optical Networks Handbook, IEEE/Wiley, 2012. Former Editor in Chief of IEEE Communications Magazine and the Journal of Communications and Networks (JCN). 2013-2015 Chair of the Editorial Council (steering committee) of the CIC/IEEE China Communications Magazine.

CTTC is a personal business in New York City, offering:

- Expert consulting for law firms on patent issues in communication and information technologies
Discovery and analysis of prior art in a wide range of communication and computer communication disciplines.
Analysis of descriptions and claims and of technical statements in legal proceedings.

- Expert consulting for communications industry, venture capital, and other companies
Investigation of prior art and the development of key technologies across the industry.
Trends in broadband wired and wireless networks and services.
Organization and development of communications research groups and initiatives.
Business-oriented explanation of communication and networking concepts and techniques.

- Design and delivery of tutorial lectures, short courses, workshops, and presentation programs.
Organization of lectures, short courses, and workshops for both specialist and non-specialist audiences.
Organization of meetings and programs, including web-based seminars.

- Technical writing and editing
Editing of white papers, reports, technical articles and promotional materials.
Editorial design and composition of technical magazines and journals.
Organization of editorial staffs and operations.